From Sadiq's Hometown to EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Botanic for Unity Workshop

profile image Projek57 Malaysia 14 Sep 2017

Our Unity Ride team headed to Johor after visiting Farah's family in Pahang. The team got a chance to visit Sadiq's hometown of Kota Tinggi, Johor. We arrived in Kota Tinggi in the evening and was hosted to dinner by Sadiq's dad, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Syed Hamid, at his favourite halal Chinese restaurant, Restoran Hassan Ong which has operated in the same spot for some 30 years. Dinner was indeed scrumptious after the long drive!

A cold, cloudy morning greeted the Unity Ride crew as we were preparing to flag off to EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Botanic. We had really hoped it wouldn't rain…..

The 6th leg begins at Sadiq's family home in Kota Tinggi. Just like how it is in the kampungs, the home doesn't really carry a specific address but can instead be found in reference to Masjid Jamek Kota Tinggi. Go straight down from the masjid, you will see a bus stop, some way down from there it's the house with the black gate on the right....

Muhamad Wafi Bin Markom from Team Allianz join Collin and Sadiq for this 6th leg. Sadiq's dad flags off the rider. His dad is extremely proud of his son's contribution and involvement in Unity Ride and had offered to drive down to Kota Tinggi with Sadiq's mom specially to host the cyclists and flag them off. A hearty breakfast is served before the flag off. It's a heartwarming early morning.

However, the weather was not on our side as it started to rain after the flag off. Soon, it was raining cats and dogs! By the way, do you know the origin of this idiom? There are few versions which go back to the 16th century England. Do check it out.

Anyway, back to poor Collin, Sadiq and Wafi who are caught under the heavy rain. It’s getting extremely dangerous to ride under the rain as visibility is low, and not to mention the lightning! This really tested our rider’s mind, body and spirit. 

Along the way, Collin got lost due to the low visibility as he followed the wrong van. The rest of the Unity Ride crew had to stop by the road side for Collin. Luckily, Collin managed to find his way back to the right direction. 

It was still raining when Sadiq, Collin and Wafi reached EcoWorld Gallery. All 3 gentlemen were greeted with a warm and welcoming cheer from the EcoWorld team, Team Allianz and Taylor's University Business students! En. Wafi received a flower garland from the crowd for his participation in Unity Ride.

Soon, school buses carrying 100 underprivileged students from SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Yassin arrived at EcoWorld Gallery to attend the Unity Workshop. We were pleased to also have Majalah Pendidik as one of our partners at this pit stop. Majalah Pendidik generously gave every student and teacher a special edition Merdeka tee-shirt depicting Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaiming independence, with a quote by him on "Masa hadapan kita bergantung kepada betapa eratnya pelbagai kaum boleh hidup secara harmoni and kerjasama."

Like in Dungun, the Unity Workshop was led by Taylor's University Business School students with Azman and Jasmine as leaders. The students were eager to participate in the activities prepared. The youths formed into groups to discuss the importance of Unity. They wrote their answers onto sticky notes stuck onto mahjong paper that was displayed on the walls. 

The Unity Workshop conducted by Taylor's University Business School was fun, interactive and engaging. Both the university students and underprivileged youths got to participate and share their ideas and also, their worlds. 

We believe the students did take home some lessons:

•    Working as a team.
•    Problem-solving.
•    Thinking out of the box.
•    Communication skills.
•    Patience and motivation.
•    Leadership skills.
•    Presentation and public speaking skills.

After the Unity Workshop, tea was served, and then the students settled down to enjoy the screening of 'Ola Bola' the movie.